Private Owner rents his Villa

Private Owner rents his Villa in a very quiet area 10 minutes from Layan Beach Phuket Thailand  from 20 Nov 2017  till 6 Feb 2018  for  special  low price ! (Available these dates only !!!)

Private Owner rents his house in a very quiet area 10 minutes from Layan Beach Phuket Thailand

This house wasn’t build to be rented out but for me to live in.
But I need to be away for little over 2 months and I need nice people in the house ( couple ) to have a good time… for themselves .. for the house  AND  for my dog Mickey !


Mickey- Quiet villa for rent in Phuket

The good Price is because Mickey needs to be fed morning and evening and eventually every day or every second day a short walk out 20 minutes to the near pineapple fields behind the house…..

Mickey is almost 3 years old and is a Thai Bangkaew dog very alert territorial and family protective, he is not the kind of social dog ( like golden retriever …) to be taken out everywhere one goes … His territory is the garden around the house and the car park .


The house is used to peaceful people who don’t smoke or drink  but is perfectly fitting to people who do yoga and/or meditation and/ or who would like a quiet, calm peaceful period.

Only one quiet neighbor on the west-side … very calm surroundings,  birds …

Interested? Take a little tour.. (click!)